The Importance of Networking

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In an increasingly globalised and automated world where there is so much data and many seemingly futile conduits to submit your CV, people are on an information overload. We as humans seek to simplify and streamline in order to make sense of so much information. One of the most efficient tools we have been programmed to implicitly listen to is familiarity. Familiarity is established by making a connection with another human being – whether an introduction to a friend, compliments, or bonding over a similarity (hobbies, common interests, places you’ve been) such as professional organisation memberships or mutual connections.

As a job seeker, it is your job to bridge the differences and disconnects between you and potential employers by making connections and establishing such familiarity. This happens in a two-fold method: First, after developing your goal (let’s say, to be a CFO at a law firm, specifically Law Firm A), make a strategy and research. Second, execution. Third – The key is to always maintain your networks and connections. This should be done from the minute you start college or university to every time you meet someone thereafter that is relevant.

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